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Rockville's Kansas MTSS

and what does it mean for your student

Kansas MTSS Purpose:  Our mission is to implement strong proactive social and behavioral support systems that mirrors the effective academic support system already in place.


Core Beliefs:

  • Every child learns and achieves to high standards
  • Learning includes academic and social competencies
  • Every member of the learning community continues to grow, learn and reflect
  • Every leader at all levels is responsible for every child
  • Change is intentional, coherent and dynamic

What is a Kansas MTSS Plan?

Kansas MTSS is a schoolwide program developed to encourage successful behaviors, academically, personally, and socially.  Each and every student participates by virtue of being at Rockville.  The goal of this schoolwide plan is to equip students with the most beneficial academic, behavioral, and social skills that will support success at school and in life.  This plan is also designed to create a more positive school environment.

The Kansas MTSS plan is a 3-tiered plan, with the expectation that most of our students' needs will be met by the schoolwide program.  If the core is not suffcient, additional levels of support are planned.  We aim to foster a positive learning environment for all students at Rockvile and support every student for academic, behavioral, and social success.


Through our multiple tiers of student support (MTSS), we will use our resources in ways that help figure out what it takes for each student to be successful.

This is accomplished by:

  • Being prevention oriented – knowing who needs support early each year and putting those supports in place.
  • Implementing evidence-based interventions for all students and tailoring interventions based on a student’s needs.
  • Using progress monitoring data to know when to make a change with our efforts.


How Can I Support My Child and the Rockville Kansas MTSS Plan?

You can help your child and support the Kansas MTSS Plan by talking to your child about the Rockville Expectation Matrix and the importance of ollowing and modeling these expectations in school.

When your child does not follow expectations, you can partner with the classroom teacher and school to reteach expectations.