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Student Safety

Every year we get different students walking or riding their bikes to school.  For many of them this is the first year to have this opportunity.  Throughout the city there are different safety mechanisms in place to help keep our students safe whether it be a crossing guard, special signage, or flashing lights.  We want to have them arrive to school and return home safely without incident.

Over the past week or so, we have received a couple of complaints about students not using safe procedures either going to or coming from school.  One of the chief complaints has been at K-68 and Summerfield Drive.  At this location there is a painted crosswalk and flashing lights that activate when pressed.  Students crossing at this location are failing to activate the flashing lights and are darting into traffic.  This creates an unsafe situation.  Drivers are not warned by the flashing lights and are not looking for pedestrians crossing the highway.  As of now we have not had an incident involving anyone getting struck at this location.  I would like to keep it that way!   If your student uses this intersection, please remind them to use the flashing lights and use the crosswalks.

Earlier this week the City of Louisburg City Council and the Louisburg USD 416 School Board both approved a resolution to petition KDOT to enact a school zone on K-68 extending from Julie Street to Aquatic Drive.  Both entities are taking a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our students who use that route every day for school.  I hope KDOT will seriously consider the petitions and move forward.

In the meantime use this opportunity to educate your students about the proper procedures using the crosswalks in all locations throughout the city.  We will continue to monitor these locations to help ensure your student’s safety.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at curryc@usd416.org or (913) 837-1720. 


SRO Chris Curry
Louisburg Police Department