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The TRUTH about our schools and Education

Public School and Economic Success

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Setting the Record Straight on School Employees and Spending

ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS for a Quality Education to prepare students to be well educated in order to take part in our democratic society.

  • Effective teachers in the classroom
  • High standards
  • Assessments to monitor progress
  • Effective evaluation of educators
  • Systemic accreditation protocol
  • Parents are important to student success.


Everyone wants to know about the changes in public education.  The world is changing! 

  • Technology changes daily,
  • We interact with people from other states and countries.
  • We can now learn anywhere and anytime.
  • Job trends show people changing careers numerous times that require lifelong learning utilizing problem solving, collaboration and creative thinking.

A strong education system impacts everyone and creates a strong state.  All stakeholders working together ensure all our students have the skills and knowledge to be ready for post-secondary opportunities.


  • Kansas now has a definition of what it means to be College and Career Ready
    • College and Career Ready means an individual has the academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, and eployability skills to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry recognized certification or in the workforce, without the need for remediation.

The focus of this definition is broadened to the whole child - preparing our students for life after high school.

  • Academic Preparation (Math, English Language Arts, History/Government, Science, Social, Emotional and Character Development, Physical Education, Fine Arts)
  • Cognitive Preparation (mental processes or habits of mind involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension including thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving)
  • Technical Skills (special skill or practical knowledge characteristic of a particular art, science, profession, trade, etc.)
  • Employability Skills (essential abilities that involve the development of a knowledge base, expertise level and mindset that is increasingly necessary in the modern workplace)

Each child benefits from higher expectations and being college and career ready.  We're moving toward a more rigorous set of standards.  Kansas has had state standards for many years.  The actual curriculum, materials, instructional methods and technology are all decided by local boards of education, in collaboration with district educators.

Fall 2013 Advocating for Education in Kansas (8min.)


As required by state law (72-6439), we are in cycle for the development of a new set of standards.  Because we have a very mobile/digitl society, it benefits students to have a more consistent set of quality standards that move beyond basic skills to higher order thinking skills and better prepares them for their future.  The Kansas State Board of Education adopted the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards in 2010.

Since a knowledgeable, informed, caring teacher is critical to student success, teacher evaluation will be facilitated by understanding of the learning and learning, content knowledge, instructional practice, and engagement in professional responsibilities.  Administrators will have similar criteria and all educators will be evaluated on student performance.  Professional learning is key to improving educator effectiveness and student results.

A new set of assessments will monitor progress and determine attainment of those skills identified in the new standards.  Multiple opportunities will be available for students to demonstrate their learning.

Accreditation provides a framework to improve our school systems.  The framework is holistic and includes the themes of Relationships, Rigor, Relevance, Responsive Culture, and Results.