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Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

October 5-11, 2015

By Joint Resolution the Kansas State Board of Education and the Kansas State Senate have designated the first full week in October as Anti-Bullying Awareness Week. KSDE joins all Kansas schools in observing this week as an opportunity to create awareness and address the harm that bullying creates. 

KSDE is also asking that folks spread the anti-bullying message by utilizing their Twitter accounts, please use the hashtag#ItStartsWithMe on all social media posts in October that are related to Bullying Prevention. For example, That kid sitting alone during lunch- I asked her to join my table #ItStartsWithMe 

Each day the impact of bullying is felt in school and community settings across the nation. It negatively affects the lives of both the bully and the target. No longer simply considered “kids being kids,” bullying and its prevention has become a critical issue for schools, communities, and parents alike. Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) believes that bullying is a form of child abuse – peer to peer.


KCSL, in partnership with the Kansas State Department of Education, has launched the 24 hour Parent & Youth Resource Hotline at 1-800-332-6378 or 1-800-CHILDREN. This anonymous bullying prevention hotline is staffed by trained professionals and volunteers who listen to each caller’s concerns and seek to provide the caller with resources that can assist them. The Parent & Youth Resource Hotline strives to provide connections, empower people and transform our culture to one of kindness. The Parent & Youth Resource Hotline has the capability to communicate with all non-English speaking callers and may also be reached by text or email at 1800children@kcsl.org.


KCSL also offers a free, online Bullying Prevention Basics course. This self-paced course will introduce participants to the 5 types of bullying, the roles of bulliers, targets, and witnesses, and the cycle of pain, rage, and revenge. Participants will also learn strategies for dealing with bullying behaviors. The course was designed with parents and teachers in mind and takes approximately one hour to complete. Contact elearning@kcsl.org or 1-800-CHILDREN for more information, or visit the eLearning website at http://elearning.kcsl.org.


Visit www.kcsl.org for information on all of KCSL’s bullying prevention initiatives. Also, follow KCSL’s Bullying Prevention programs online at www.facebook.com/MakingKansasBullyFree and www.twitter.com/BullyFreeKS.


Anti-Bullying Awareness - 2015 Resources

Other Bullying Awareness Resources

Joint Resolution for Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

The State Board and the Kansas State Senate approved a resolution on designating a week in October of each year as Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.  The resolution is shown below:

Resolution to Establish Anti-Bullying Awareness Week in Kansas (February 8, 2011)

WHEREAS, The State of Kansas recognizes its responsibility to ensure physically safe and emotionally secure environments for all Kansas students and school staff; and

WHEREAS, Bullying creates a climate of fear among students, inhibiting their ability to learn and contributing to other anti-social behavior; and

WHEREAS, It is important that we acknowledge and heighten awareness about the serious issues and the negative effects of bullying; and

WHEREAS, The Kansas Legislature has required local boards of education to adopt and implement plans to address bullying on and while utilizing school property, including a provision for the training and education of staff members and students; and

WHEREAS, Bullying is a community wide issue and students, families, and educators all have a role in addressing bullying situations and changing school culture; and

WHEREAS, October has been designated National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the first full week of October of each year beginning with October 2011 be designated Anti-Bullying Awareness Week in Kansas as a symbol of our commitment to ensuring safe and nurturing school environments.