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Kansas Conversation

--a local Community Dialogue


Approximately 70 patrons representing Louisburg, Osawatomie and Paola convened Thursday evening at the Paola High School Commons at 6:30 p.m.to participate in the Kansas Conversation facilitated by KASB's Doug Moeckel.

Mr. Moeckel explained that KASB was meeting with all districts to participate in the conversation.  The evening began with a brief presentation followed by small group work focusing on what all kids need to be successful - the big long-term picture for our community.

While the Kansas Constitution states "the legislature shall provide for intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement by establishing and maintaining public schools...' , the legislature is trying to reframe "suitable" as its responsibility. Legislators are saying that education is failing and costing too much.

An interesting chart (attached) was shared showing how Kansas School expectations have increased since 1954 through 2010 while funding compared to income remains flat.

Legislation has passed many laws dictating precisely what local school boards are held accountable for.  In the attached presentation, these laws can be found on seven pages - followed by the No Child Left Behind expectations tied to dollars and cents; as well as State Board of Education and United States Department of Education requirements.

The following information comes from the Kansas Association of School Boards. There is a real need to have ALL Kansans participate in this critical dialogue.

"What do the people of Kansas believe their public education system should be like and what do they believe their public school system should do to improve? The constitution requires the legislature to establish and maintain public schools for “intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement.” The Governor and legislative leaders are all seeking a definition. Who better to define public education than the people of Kansas?

At the January 22, 2011, KASB Board of Directors meeting, we authorized a process to engage the citizens of Kansas in conversations about improving Kansas Public Education. KASB encourages every school board to initiate a community discussion on what public schools are currently required to do, what should be added to improve student achievement and what should be dropped. We are proposing asking three ‘simple’ questions throughout the state of Kansas:

  • What do Kansas public schools currently offer that promotes intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement?
  • What are Kansas public schools not doing that should be added to provide such improvement?
  • What should Kansas public schools stop doing because it does not advance such improvement?"