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Louisburg USD 416



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Suggested Opening Activities

What are some good opening (get them involved in learning in the 30 seconds) activities?


•   a math problem page

•     questions to answer right away

•     riddles to solve

•     a story to ready, with questions to answer

•     workbook sheets

•     pictures to color or names of things to draw with room on sheet to draw them

•     items to rank in order of priority or preference

•     items to relate or connect, requiring student to connect the related items

•     puzzles to solve

•     Story to read, with “what would you do?” question




•     clip from movie, with questions to answer afterward, printed on sheets or written on the board

•     home movie of your family, then play word games with what they saw

•     educational video with questions, pause for answers, then return to video (following same pattern with the remainder of the video

•     Trip you have taken, then discuss the place and its history

•     Travelogue, ask them why it was neat or who has been there

•     Historical film

•     Music video

•     Funny commercials

•     Old Talk Show Clip


Materials to Manipulate:

•     sheet to make a paper airplane, prizes for best one

•     3x5 cards to make into building

•     Popsicle sticks, to arrange in triangles or other shapes

•     Lego’s with a specific goal of what to build

•     Paper sacks to create anything

      •     Highway maps to learn how to read, questions to answer from reading the map


Developing Your Own 
“Fast First 30 Second” Activity:

Your job – develop an opening activity that will catch and hold the attention of your students; then demonstrate this activity:  (select a particular age group and subject)