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Louisburg USD 416

Bus enrollment due August 1st.



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Safety Regulations and Rules for the Bus

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  1. Once students are on the bus, the driver cannot discharge riders at any place other than the regular bus stop, i.e. near the home, or at school, unless by proper authorization from the superintendent or principal of the school.
  2. The driver is in charge of the school bus and is authorized to assign seats.  Obey the driver promptly and cheerfully.  Loud talking, yelling, or other unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention.  Conversation in normal tones is expected and no “horse-play” will be permitted.
  3. Help keep the bus on schedule. Be on time at the bus stop. The bus has a schedule to follow and cannot wait.
  4. Be careful in approaching bus stops. Observe all traffic rules.  Avoid standing or playing in the street while waiting for the bus.
  5. Do not disturb or damage surrounding homeowners’ property while waiting at the bus stop.  Wait in an orderly manner for the bus.
  6. After boarding the bus, go directly to your seat and stay seated. Do not stand or move around on the bus while it is in motion.
  7. Students may not, at any time, extend hands, arms, heads, or anything else out of the bus window.
  8. The emergency doors, windows, and roof hatches are to be used in an emergency only. Do not open them. Evacuation drills will be conducted twice during the school year.
  9. Help keep the bus clean, sanitary, and orderly. Do not throw trash on the floor or out of the windows.
  10. Treat the bus equipment with respect. Damage to the seats is unnecessary and costly. The student responsible for any damage will be charged $250.00 for the repair or replacement of the seat.
  11. Smoking, vaping, eating, drinking is not permitted on a school bus.
  12. The presence or use of chewing tobacco and/or snuff or related products is strictly prohibited.
  13. Possession, use, transfer, or sale of drugs (as defined by state statutes) is prohibited and will result in complete loss of transportation privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  14. Possession of a weapon by the use of which a fatal wound or serious injury may result is prohibited.
  15. Refrain from running, pushing, or shoving on the bus dock following dismissal of school.  Board your bus quickly and orderly.
  16. When leaving the bus, do not cross the street until the driver signals that the street is clear and safe to cross.  Always cross in front of the bus.  Under no circumstance should a student run after the bus or try to retrieve something they left or dropped.  10 feet around the bus is known as the danger zone.
  17. Electronic games may be played on the bus as long as they do not become disruptive. We are not responsible for lost or stolen game units, games or cell phones.  There shall be no recording or pictures taken of any students while on bus with cell phones or game devices. 
  18. Failure to follow these procedures could result in the loss of the privilege of riding the bus.


Bus drivers have a great responsibility in transporting students to and from school.  Part of that responsibility is to make sure that they check their bus after each trip to ensure that no students are left on the bus.  The drivers must also make sure that all students follow the rules of riding the bus.  The bus is considered an extension of the classroom.  Riding the bus is a privilege and not a right.  If a student is so disruptive that the driver cannot concentrate on driving the bus, they may be taken off the bus for a period of time and the parents will be responsible for transporting their children to and from school. We ask that all parents do their part in cooperating with the school district and transportation department to ensure the safety of their children while on the bus. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.