24-25 Enrollment Information for New Students to District

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Welcome to Louisburg School District!

The Louisburg School District offers online enrollment to families through Skyward.  There are a few steps that need to be completed first if your student is new to the Louisburg School District.   

1.  Please complete this New Student Enrollment Link:   New to District

This form is the first step to getting your child/children enrolled in the Louisburg School District.  Please complete the form to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure Online Enrollment system (Skyward).  You will receive an email with further instructions.  


2.  You will receive an email that asks you to start inputting information about your new child/children.  After this step has been completed the entered information will go to the school building that your child/children will attend for the upcoming school year.  The registrar at each of the buildings will  approve the applications.  The registrars are out of the office from June 10, 2024 to July 24, 2024.  They will start their process when they return to the office.  If the registrars have any questions regarding your child/children's enrollment they will contact you at that time.  


There will be a New Student day on August 3rd & 4th at Rockville and Broadmoor Elementary.  You will need to contact the the office to setup an appointment time.  You only need to do this if you would like to ask any questions or tour the school building before the school year starts.  

If you have a new student attending Louisburg Middle School and Louisburg High School please call the office for an appointment.  

Louisburg High School: 913-837-1730  Bailey Hale

Louisburg Middle School:  913-837-1828 Debbie Vincent

Broadmoor Elementary:  913-837-1900  Jennifer Meek

Rockville Elementary:  913-837-1970  Katie Caldwell

Please note that enrollment for a new Circle Grove Preschool student is not done through this process.  Please call the Circle Grove Office at 913-837-1700.


3.  You will now need to enroll your child/children once the registrars have approved them into the Skyward system.  You will go to the link below and log in with your Skyward login and password information that you received in a previous email.

Family/Student Access to Skyward

Kansas Communities That Care

Kansas Communities That Care Survey


Instructions to make Online Payments with Skyward

Payments can be made through these options:

  1. Online through Skyward Family Access

  2. Cash or Check (separate checks must be made to each school building as well as to Food Service)

  3. Installment Plan (ask school registrar for information on this)

Google Memo-District

On October 23, 2023, Google made changes that affect schools regarding verification of third party apps on school-issued devices. This is a procedure that our school district is currently practicing, in conjunction with having all third party apps meeting the standards of The Children's Internet Protection Act, The Family Education Rights Privacy Act and The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Google's policy for the acceptance and use of 3rd party apps in educational settings prioritizes the security, privacy, and educational value of such applications. USD 416 is committed to ensuring that third-party apps meet strict criteria, including data protection standards, content appropriateness, and alignment with educational goals, in order to provide a safe and effective learning environment for students and educators. 

Any apps used on school-issued devices have been, and will continue to be screened and verified prior to student use.  

USD 416 will continue the same privacy and protections for chromebook use.  All students will have continued accessibility.  In the future, families will be agreeing to these terms during our annual enrollment process.  At this point all students will be opted in unless otherwise requested by a parent or guardian.  Students that opt out would not have 1-1 access with their chromebook, and alternative paper assignments would be provided in all classes.

If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

Policy JBC Part-time Student Enrollment

Part time Students