Guidelines for Riding the School Bus


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Safety Regulations & Rules

2023-2024 Bus Rider Form

Bus Details & Fees  
(NOT prorated)

  • Students who live less than 2.5 miles from the school will be charged a $300 fee for the year. 

  • Families with more than one child being charged for transportation will pay a maximum family transportation annual fee of $450. 

  • Students eligible for free lunches will not have to pay the transportation fee.

Mileage is audited by the state.

For your information, the mileage is calculated using the most direct driving route. Bus fees are based on the student's home address, not the location at which the student will board the bus.


Detailed Bus Brochure

Transportation Office

105 S 5th St East

PO Box 940

Louisburg, KS 66053


Email: 913.837.1962

We would like to welcome everyone to another exciting school year.  Safety is our number one goal in transporting your children to and from school.  It is important for parents, children, the school district and the bus company to all work closely together in order to accomplish this goal.  Following are some tips that will help us with the transportation of your children:

  1. All bus riders must have a 2023-24 registration card on file in the transportation office in order to ride the bus.

  2. There is a bus fee for students living less than 2.5 miles from school.  Bus fees must be paid to Louisburg Transportation before students can ride the bus.

  3. 2023-24 Bus Fees (for riders less than 2.5 miles only):

    • Single Rider $300

    • Maximum Family fee $450

    • Fees are per year and will not be prorated.  The district offers pay ridership on a space available, first come, first served basis basis.

    • Bus fees are based on the student's home address, not the location at which the student will board the bus.

  4. Due to route scheduling and load capacity issues, students must ride to and from their scheduled stops only.  One alternative/childcare stop will be allowed for grades K-12.

  5. Have your children ready to board the bus.  Students should be at their designated loading point at least five minutes prior to their loading time.  This will help the driver stay on their scheduled time.

  6.  When you are picking your child up after school, please notify the school office no later than 2:00 p.m.  School dismissal is a very busy and confusing time.  A parent looking for their children on busses at this time often delays our departure.

  7.   Afternoon riders will be assigned a transfer bus from their school to Rockville where all students transfer to the bus that takes them home.  Students must ride assigned bus only.

  8.   Please notify the transportation office of any address, phone number, or child-care changes.

  9.   Please notify the transportation office on the days when your student will not be riding the bus.  Our office hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  We will dispatch this information to our drivers and this will help them to stay on schedule.  

  10. After you have filled out a transportation card for your student, the driver will call you to let you know which bus the student will ride and the loading time.

During the first week or two of school, the bus schedules will vary somewhat and the times they are picked up and dropped off may change.  We expect the bus routes to be fairly stable after the first couple weeks of school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to notify the transportation office.

Busses will have a picture of an animal in the window above the bus number to help younger students with identifying their bus.

Be advised that only registered riders can ride the bus. We have limited space on the buses.