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Rockville LOVES specials....

You will “LOVE” what we are doing in “SPECIALS”!


Rockville Elementary students experience the following special classes:

  • ART
  • PE


Here are some of the activities and curriculum being covered in our SPECIALS classes.


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Click on the green link (above) for the latest activities in Computers by grade level.




Click on the pink link (above) for the latest activities in Library.



Click on the red link (above) for the latest activities in P.E. 




Music Update for February 2018

In Music at Rockville during the month of January, the students were introduced to the concepts needed to make a piece of music.  These are beat, rhythm, pitch (how high and low the notes are), tempo (speed of music), and dynamics (volume of rhythm).  Mostly we focused on understanding the difference between beat and rhythm, as they are very similar and can be confusing to younger classes.

Starting today (Feb 2, 2018) and continuing through the rest of the month we will explore these concepts further.  Students are mainly applying Standard 3: Responding where we sing or listen to music and try to figure out what concepts are being used.  We will also occasionally learn about various instruments and composers throughout the rest of the year.






In the Classroom

Geometric Shapes vs Organic Shapes

In our classroom for January we covered geometric shapes. What famous artist use them in their works, where can we find them in our daily visions, and what art can we make with them.

For February will study the organic side of our shapes chapter. What are the differences between the two kinds of shapes? What famous artists use them in their works? What are collages? What does positive and negative mean in art?

Also we will spend a few days reviewing our lessons from the beginning of the year, in anticipation for our large review project set to be done March!



Paul Klee and Matisse

Key Words 

Collage (K and 1st)

Positive/Negative (2nd)