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LHS Staff


NAME POSITION Extension Email Address
Dr. Thomasson, Tammy Principal   thomassont@usd416.org
Holloway, Jeremy Asst. Principal/AD   hollowayj@usd416.org
Knipp, Kathrynn Attendance/Student Services Secretary 1730 knippk@usd416.org
Ewbank, Angela Bookkeeper/Secretary to Principal 1724 ewbanka@usd416.org
Margrave, Cindy Activities Secretary 1726 margravec@usd416.org
Barber, Chris Building Manager 1783 barberc@usd416.org
Curry, Chris Officer 1723 curryc@usd416.org
Shelton, Dawn Food Service Cashier 1775 sheltond@usd416.org
Southard, Marty Social Worker 1727 southardm@usd416.org
Weers, Kristi Food Service 1775 weersk@usd416.org
Wilkerson, Briana School Psychologist 1729 wilkersonb@usd416.org
Williams, Amy Nurse


Wright, Amy Counselor 1728 wrighta@usd416.org
Beaudoin, Kathryn Art 1733 beaudoink@usd416.org
Berve, Jodie LD 1760 bervej@usd416.org
Bovaird, Bobby English 1747 bovairdr@usd416.org
Brown, Rich Librarian, Business, Math 1771 brownr@usd416.org
Burns, Brian Art 1734 burnsb@usd416.org
Butler, Brett Band 1739 butlerb@usd416.org
Callaway, Caitlin FACS 1741 callawayc@usd416.org
Cisetti, John Band 1739 cisettij@usd416.org
Compliment, Jessica Math 1768 complimentj@usd416.org
Conley, Kyle Social Studies 1746 conleyk@usd416.org
Ebenstein, Robert Social Studies 1776 ebensteinr@usd416.org
Haflich, Claire Communications 1753 haflichc@usd416.org
Haight, Linda Intervention 1751 haightl@usd416.org
Harding, Andrew Science 1758 hardinga@usd416.org
Kasitz, Rodney Industrial Arts 1735 kasitzr@usd416.org
Lane, Adrianne Business Education 1765 lanea@usd416.org
Moore, Alison Music 1782 moorea@usd416.org
Moore, Susie Gifted Facilitator 1772 moores@usd416.org
Morgan, Jim Vo Ag 1737 morganj@usd416.org
Nelson, Jason Social Studies 1754 nelsonj@usd416.org
Payton, Kimberly English 1743 paytonk@usd416.org
Pfannenstiel, Ty PE 1773 pfannenstielt@usd416.org
Pickman, Michael English 1752 pickmanm@usd416.org
Quinn, Mary English 1766 quinnm@usd416.org
Siefken, Kathryn Spanish 1742 siefkenk@usd416.org
Skakal, Pete PE 1763 skakalp@usd416.org
Smith, Jordan Science 1761 smithj@usd416.org
Smith, Shea Science 1731 smiths@usd416.org
Staab, Christine Math 1767 staabc@usd416.org
Stevens, Bernadette Science 1756 stevensb@usd416.org
Veatch, Jadie English 1755 veatchj@usd416.org
Werth, Abby Library Aide 1764 wertha@usd416.org
Willer, Leanna Math 1769 willerl@usd416.org
Wilson, Amanda  Culinary 1736 wilsona@usd416.org
Worthington, Jarrod Math 1770 worthingtonj@usd416.org
Wright, Andy LD 1762 wrighta1@usd416.org
Wright, Kyle Social Studies 1750 wrightk@usd416.org
Gurske, Sheri   1738 gurskes@usd416/org
Hufferd, Kali   1738


Ott, Brandon   1738


Welborn, Jennifer   1738 welbornj@usd416.org
Crane, Jill   1738


Lake, Robert   1738 laker@usd416.org