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Go Mobile - with Infinite Campus

- notifications have been turned on -

 The Mobile Portal 2.0 is now available in the iTunes store as well as on the Amazon Android App Store and Google Play. The Mobile Portal now includes Food Service balances.

The videos for Mobile Portal have also been updated here:

What is the Mobile Portal app?

The Mobile Portal app is a convenient way to access the Infinite Campus Portal.

Who is the Mobile Portal app for?

The Mobile Portal app is for parents and students who have a user account with access to an Infinite Campus portal.

What are the requirements to use the Mobile Portal app?

  • Your school must use Infinite Campus.
  • Your school must be on version E.1138 or later of Infinite Campus.
  • You must have an active Campus Portal account to access your data for you or your children.
  • You must have an iOS (e.g., iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or Android (version 2.2+) device

What are the supported devices?

The list of supported devices is below.



Minimum OS






iPod Touch



2nd generation and newer




1st generation iPhone not supported

iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S




iPad / iPad 2




Do I need a network connection to use the app?

Yes, most of the time. You will need a connection (wifi or 3G) for initial use of the application for user authentication and initial data download. Once the initial data has been downloaded, you can use the app without a network connection. Keep in mind the data may not be the most current information within Infinite Campus.

Where can I get the app?

In the iTunes App Store or Android Market

How do I start using the app?

NOTE: You need to get your six character District ID from the Campus Portal. To do so, login to the Campus Portal through a browser and click on the App Stores image. (Located under the Inbox) You will be brought to a new page with three steps outlining how to get your device connected to your Campus Portal. Your District ID will be listed as part of Step #2.

  • Select "Settings"
  • Type in your six character District ID in the District ID field (PKDNZL). Press "Go."
  • Enter your Campus Portal username and password and press "Sign In" or "Go."
  • After a successful login, the app will download your data. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you have more than one student, simply select your student's name in the upper right corner to view the other student's information.

When is the data updated?

The initial data is downloaded after your first login. Updates occur when you open the app if it has been more than 15 minutes since the last update. You can also use the manual refresh button in the upper left corner to obtain the latest information.


Notifications HAVE been turned on.


What are notifications?

Notifications are alerts sent to your device as changes occur within Infinite Campus. If you choose to subscribe to notifications, your device will receive and display a short message about changes to data related to you.

How do notifications work?

If your school has turned on the Notification option, you can choose to allow notifications be sent to your device. Currently you can select from three different types of messages: 

* Attendance 

* Assignments 

* Grades 

For the selected notification types, your device will receive alerts as changes occur. For example, if your student is marked absent by their teacher and you have selected to receive attendance notifications, your device will get a notification alerting you to this attendance event.

Is data stored on my device?

Yes. The data you see in the app is stored locally on your device for offline use. If you log out of the app, your data is removed from the app. (Settings > Log Out) For the best protection of your data, we recommend you use password or other form of security to access your device. For iOS users, you can read about a "Passcode" for your lock screen as outlined by Apple: iOS Understanding Passcodes

For more details and Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here


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